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The Story Behind:

Sea Trade SL

The experience of more than twelve years of International sales and purchases, with more than a decade, offering different kinds of international level products, is the director of Elements, SOFIMAQ and It is part of Ineo Trade, Ultrapax and also Sea Trade Creator, Constructive System, Sea Trade Worldwide Co, LTD, with Sea Trade CM for commodity product and subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


Core team members have been actively involved in the petroleum business since 2001. Combining their extensive experience and expertise, Enrique J. Perez President business men of the commodity market in South Florida.

Excellent attention for importation and exportation business, providing high quality products of low prices, possesses exceptional industry knowledge, providing optimum operational efficiency and profitability.

Sea Trade Worldwide Co., Ltd.

Sea Trade Worldwide Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of prefab houses, container house, modular villa and steel structures. As the leading enterprise in design, manufacture in prefabricated house, our output is up to 500,000m2 per year based on 7 factories in China with modern equipment and advanced techniques under ISO2001:9008.

Our prefab houses are widely used in temporary offices and dormitories, hotel and villa, workshops, warehouses, halls, and sentry boxes etc. They are in advantage of easy and fast to assemble and disassemble, strong and long life span, environment friendly, fireproofing, waterproofing, and also convenient to relocation. With more than 400 employees’ superexcellent ability and more than 15 years’ experience in prefab housing field, our company is well known for excellent design and reliable quality. And our houses are popular all over the world such as America, South Asia, Africa, Mid-east etc. Moreover, we’re committed to offer innovative solution for prefabricated house, light steel structure house and living cabin.


ULTRAPAX is a specific restorative for filling potholes, filling asphalt openings and concrete floors. The product does not need heating or special treatment, substantially reducing the number of equipment and labor, this due to its practicality.


In search of technological innovation and a beneficial impact on the environment, the well-known entrepreneur Enrique J. Pérez decided to create the firms Equinoxplanet GRT CI Corporation and Equinoxplanet Grt Ci S A S for the year 2016 in Miami.
A company dedicated to Low Carbon Engineering, founded in Atlanta in 2009, these companies have a portfolio of sustainable solutions benefiting the construction of a global environment that implements technological innovation, sustainability, construction of the social fabric and positive impact with the environment offering services and products as renewable energy generators.

  • Energy Evaluation
  • Energy management
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Water treatment
  • Mud Remediation
  • Hydrocarbons Remediation
  • PMO Services
  • Ecological construction, for example, for the conservation of the environment and the care of the planet.


During the month of March of the year 2016, Sea Trade already has a broad portfolio of clients and investors with whom it has carried out different projects, such as: purchases, constructions and developments worldwide, corresponding to each one of its companies without any inconveniences.

Achieving keeping intact the business model provided by the banking administration and being a complete support for external businesses.

Not satisfied with this, Enrique J. Pérez, with intentions to go further and exceed himself, seeks to reinforce, reaffirm and amplify the business model that Sea Trade offers its customers and their own companies, founding a new company which will become a fundamental pillar in its business structure: Sea Trade Financial, whose vision and work will be aimed at providing financial support through services such as DLC and SBLC letters, Paymaster loans and advice to each of the external companies with which it will work with, covering all areas of the same such as: civil works or construction, purchase and sale, import and export in different commercial areas worldwide, among others; offering the opportunity of business growth to thousands of people in the world, in a responsible and highly competitive way.

After one year of the foundation of Sea Trade Financial, the creation of the accounting and compliance departments was carried out in order to improve the quality of their services in their corresponding work environment.

A year later, in the month of January this year, Sea Trade Financial founded the Technology and Advertising department, thus reaching social networks and the Internet.

50In turn, Sea Trade Financial decides to establish itself in different countries by starting:

  • EMETE760 EIRL in Valparaíso Chile.
  • 50Cranston Financial in the Dominican Republic.
  • Sea Trade Financial SAS in Bogota Colombia.


During the month of February of this same year this time in London, England, a new project called: Banep LTD, this company specializes in the field of project development, thus obtaining a wide capacity to handle large businesses.


After generating different types of Markets and companies, the Sea Trade Group decides to return the aid to the companies that gave us their support along the way, thus creating INNOCENT HEARTS,  a non-profit organization

dedicated to helping children in the world who are in a street situation, especially in Venezuela that is currently experiencing the great humanitarian crisis, seeking to provide monetary support, food, etc. to help improve their social, health and even nutritional status.

It also seeks to defend and exercise the rights that correspond to them as children and humans, and, for which no one has been concerned about fulfilling or defending.


Establishing the Company’s motto:”We must protect innocence”


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